Headingley Network is a community association which "will defend and advance the interests of Headingley and its residents by having the following aims and objectives:
  1. To promote the preservation and the protection of the environment in Headingley.
  2. To co-operate with our local police, to assist in the prevention of crime, to seek a local police station.
  3. To assist in the prevention of anti-social behaviour in any public place, e.g. vandalism, drunkenness, rowdiness and intimidating behaviour.
  4. To oppose any so-called 'developments' that in the opinion of the 'network' would not be to the benefit of the wider community, e.g. take-away food shops, public houses or extensions to public houses, sporting venues and public entertainments.
  5. To curb unsightly and dangerous advertising, e.g. the so-called 'A' boards and flyposting.
  6. To campaign for traffic-calming measures, including street closures, one-way systems and a residents' parking scheme where residents and the 'network' see these as necessary.
  7. To seek improvements in funding allocated to street-cleaning, footpath and road maintenance.
  8. To campaign for responsible management of homes of multiple occupation.
  9. To co-operate with any group or individuals, including the elected Leeds City Council members in meeting the above objectives.

These objectives were amended at the first AGM on 4/12/97