The Woodcraft Folk

The Woodcraft Folk is a national organisation, for children and young people of 6 years upwards. Co-educational, it believes in equality, and encourages its members to see the value of co-operation rather than competition. The Woodcraft Folk is firmly opposed to all forms of prejudice and discrimination whether on grounds of race, colour, religion, gender or sexuality.

It is democratic and encourages children to participate in the running of their group. The Woodcraft Folk strives to promote understanding amongst all people and is dedicated to international friendship and world peace. The Woodcraft Folk hopes to develop in our members, through educational work, play and adventure, a critical awareness of the world in which they grow up. We urge them to accept their responsibilities as citizens and to participate in the democratic process in order to bring about the changes that they feel are necessary to create a caring society.

Woodcraft Folk divide into groups according to age:

Elfins 6-9 years
Pioneers 9-13 years
Venturers 13-16 years
District Fellows 16+ years

There is no national membership for children. Your children are Woodcraft Folk by virtue of belonging to a group. However, for insurance purposes, it is necessary to have at least two adult national Woodcraft members at each meeting. These adults are asterisked on the programme. We are very short indeed of current members, so please get a form from Kate and join if you can possibly afford 15 a year. Joining also keeps you in touch with the organisation as you will receive regular newsletters.

The 'Osprey' Pioneers

We are a cooperative group and take joint responsibility for our children. Most families have been given 3 'duties' this term, though parents of new children are welcome to attend more often to start with if they wish. All parents can anyway attend extra evenings that interest them - last term there were quite a lot of adults at each meeting and the atmosphere was less fraught as a result! The adult underlined on the list is responsible for the overall organisation of the evening. It is vital that you wait with your child at the beginning of the evening until the whole 'team' has arrived. We cannot run indoor sessions with fewer than 3 adults or outings with fewer than 4. For the same reason, it is helpful if you can arrive promptly on your 'duty' evenings.

If you find you cannot do one of your duties, please phone around the list and try to arrange a swap with someone.

Children each pay 50p subs each week - this goea toward the running of the group and the District (which has a minibus and runs camps etc.)

The way we work:

Each evening usually begins with a 'circle' where children may tell us news or we may discuss what we are going to do that evening. Beware of embarrassing shy children by insisting they speak - but on the other hand try not to let the assertive ones take over! It's not easy and news tends to degenerate into a catalogue of new toys or films they have seen! It can be helpful for the adults who are not in overall charge to run the circle whilst other preparations go on. We try to emphasise the Woodcraft themes (see below) in everything we do. This means, for example, not playing competitive games and making sure that the children pay each other respect by listening when one of them is talking etc. If you want to attract the children's attention, shout 'Woodcraft' and they should reply 'Folk!' and then listen to you - well that's the theory anyway!

The ends of meetings are always a bit hectic, but if you find there's time, it is pleasant to finish with another circle and to discuss what the group has been doing or sing a song.

If your evening costs you any money, you can ask to be reimbursed from the subs (within reason!) - though it is necessary to supply receipts. Contact Kathy (Hannah Kitson's Mum), who has the subs book and money.



This shall be for a bond between us
That we are of one blood, you and I
That we have cried peace to all
And claim kinship with every living thing
That we hate war, sloth and greed
And love fellowship
And that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world.

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