Headingley: From Old English
"a forest-glade belonging to the Headda people"

A Community organisation dedicated to preventing the decline of central Headingley (in NW Leeds) and improving the environment and facilities for those who live and work in the area

Campaign for a Headingley Council

HEADINGLEY NETWORK is campaigning for a council for Headingley. We have held two public meetings in the last year, the first to explore the idea of whether a campaign would be popular with residents of Headingley, the second to launch the campaign. In both cases there was an impressive turnout (over 100 at the second one) and we were impressed with the enthusiasm of people for this idea.

The process of setting up a council requires us to collect the signatures of at least 10% of the voting population first. This is the stage we are at now.

For more details, including a map showing the proposed area to be covered by the new council, see the Headingley Council page.

Areas of concern

  • To monitor pubs and public drinking . To find methods of curbing public drunkeness and rowdiness

  • To assist in the prevention of criminal and poor behaviour in the community, including youth gatherings that intimidate residents

  • To demand a fair and appropriate level of community based policing

  • To oppose all developments of the cricket ground that have a detrimental effect on the community

  • To campaign for traffic calming measures and resident parking around Headingley district centre

  • To demand the necessary share of public resources to improve street cleaning, curb illegal fly posting and street boards

  • To oppose applications for pubs , restaurants and other developments that diminish the character of Headingley

Pub Watch

Headingley residents have become increasingly concerned about the numbers of young drinkers being attracted to the many pubs in Headingley. Most Headingley pubs set out deliberately to target younger people who are travelling long distances to start their evenings drinking in Headingley. Local residents suffer the consequences - unhospitable, noisy, crowded and smokey pubs, broken glass and litter in the streets, pavement fouling, drunkeness and rowdiness into the early hours.

Local people and the Headingley Network have been working hard to affect planning proposals etc. Half the battle is finding out what the plans are. We need to track and monitor the brewers/developers and make sure that they do not evade their responsibilities to the local community.

We have at last started to influence planning officers in resisting plans for pubs in the area.

Cricket Ground Development

News of the development of the cricket ground can be found on the Yorkshire County Cricket Club web-site. Developments will be monitored!

Match Day Problems

  Many people living near the Cricket Ground find the new public address system too much. They feel that it plays plays snatches of pop music etc. much too loudly. If you are affected by this and/or the fireworks being let off quite late into the evening - contact the ground directly or Environmental Health.

Fly-posting & Graffiti


Local residents are fed up with posters being plastered all over Headinlgey. Vacant shops, brick walls, lampposts, telegraph poles - all become victims to loud advertising posters large an small. At a Headingley Network meeting Councillor Paul Moxon said that the Council were considering installing some "Rotunda" octagonal constructions in Headingley to house posters/adverts etc. The organisations who fly-post would then be asked to make sure that they only use these for their posters.

Blast the graffiti

Some graffiti has been blasted away on Royal Park Road by the "anti-graffiti" team but there is still lots more that needs doing. There is a phone number to ring if you want to get rid of some mindless and stupid "artwork" near you.

Useful Tel Nos & Addresses

See the Heal Web-site for their very useful Help for Residents page

The Cricket & Rugby Ground:
Leeds Cricket, Football & Athletic Co. Ltd., The Pavilion, St. Michael's Lane, Leeds LS6 3BR
Tel 278 6181

Environmental Health: Tel 247 6026
See: Heal help page and/or

Leeds Police:

Licensing: Leeds Magistrates Courts, The Headrow LS1 3JP

Graffiti: Contact the LCC Graffiti removal service,
Tel 0845 1240113


Litter: Contact LCC Litter and Street Cleaning
Tel 0845 1240113

Dog Wardens: Contact LCC Dog Wardens
vailable Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 17:00 and Friday 08:00 - 16:30.
Tel 0845 1240113

Headingley Councillors:

Martin Hamilton: 257 0196 (home) -

James Monaghan: 245 3777 (home); 247 4580 (bus) -

David Morton: 247 4580 (bus) -

Why not join us?

Join the Headingley Network - 1.50 a household or 1.00 for individuals.

Contact the chair: Lesley Jeffries: Tel 274 1011
or the Membership Secretary : Martin Cook: Tel 2759576

See also: Contacts

Other Headingley Related Information

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Headingley Development Trust

A new organisation, made up of concerned local residents and small businesses, formed with the aim of promoting and developing a sustainable community in Headingley

Contact: Jane Williams (0113 2742763) or Lesley Jeffries (0113 2741011)

Headingley Community Website

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