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Headingley: From Old English
"a forest-glade belonging to the Headda people"

A Community organisation dedicated to preventing the decline of central Headingley (in NW Leeds) and improving the environment and facilities for those who live and work in the area

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Headingley & Hyde Park Neighbourhood Design Statement

Our area suffers threats to buildings (by landlords), to open spaces (by developers) and to streets (by traffic).  What can we do?  Well, a Neighbourhood Design Statement is a public document that gives a detailed guide to the character of a neighbourhood.  It sets out the specific nature of the buildings and landscape which make the neighbourhood distinctive, with recommendations on how to encourage new development that enhances and complements what already exists.  It provides protection!

Far Headingley already has a NDS.  Now the Inner NW Area Committee has commissioned Headingley Development Trust to produce a NDS for the rest of Headingley and Hyde Park.  The neighbourhood concerned extends from Shaw Lane along Headingley Lane, down to Woodhouse Moor, between Woodhouse Ridge on the one hand, and the Harrogate Railway Line on the other.

A key features of a NDS is the involvement of the community in its production.  In order to begin this process, the Trust is holding a Launch of the NDS Project at 10am (to 12 noon) at Headingley St Columba's on Headingley Lane (opposite Spring Bank).  Come along to the Launch.  Find out, what is a Neighbourhood Design Statement?  How will it help Headingley and Hyde Park?  How can you join in?  Free Refreshments!
For more information, visit the HDT website at (click ‘Projects’).  Or contact the Project Director, Richard Tyler,  at

Headingley & Hyde Park Neighbourhood Design Statement is funded by Leeds City Council’s Inner North West Area Committee.